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"Gheber's voice evokes a honeyed warmth...

swoops up and plummets down onto a lovestruck madness...

her voice drifts onto a pillow of dreams"

- Cree McCree, Downbeat Magazine


About Naama

Inspired by the emotionally direct compositions of Rodgers and Hart, Fields and Hugh, Cole Porter and other great composers and lyricists of the 1930’s and ‘40’s Naama Gheber has established herself as a prominent voice in the New York City jazz scene. Possessed with an urbane and elegant sound Gheber’s sensitive interpretation and crisp phrasing have become recognizable elements of her signature style and timeless appeal. An honest and poignant performer, Gheber has appeared in celebrated festivals and acclaimed jazz venues domestically and internationally .

(upcoming performance schedule)
Gheber’s debut album - Dearly Beloved ( 2020 Cellar Music Group ) - was praised by critics and labeled as "...a promising debut... which augurs well for future releases."- Cree McCree, Downbeat Magazine.

Naama's next album - If I knew Then- in November 2022. (read press reviews)



"Gheber's voice evokes a honeyed warmth...swoops up and plummets down onto a lovestruck madness... her voice drifts onto a pillow of dreams" - Cree McCree, Downbeat Magazine

"With a highly developed sense of phrasing built on pitch-perfect delivery and some tasteful back-end vibrato... garners attention in all the right ways..." Dan Bilawski  All About Jazz

"Gheber displays maturity (particularly on the ballads), youthful enthusiasm, an appealing voice and pure joy. Dearly Beloved is a strong start to a career with plenty of potential." Scott Yanow, New York City Jazz Record

"With her perfect pitch, musical and swinging phrasing, and delivery of lyrics, Gheber's singing will charm listeners. Her lovely singing is full of warmth and wonderfully backed throughout..." Ron Weinstock, In a Blue Mood 

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