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Noted for her relaxed, personal style, Gheber was led by her strong will to connect

with the songs she sings.

There can be no doubt about those strong connections in Gheber’s singing of 

‘I’m a fool to want you’ a powerful, moving duet with pianist Ben Paterson or the

joyful playfulness on ‘Old Mother Hubbard’.

Gheber’s connection to the material pushed her to experiment with percussion

in her innovative rendition to Cole Porter’s ‘Dream Dancing’ as well as allowed her

to give a sophisticated urbane expression to ‘If I Knew Then’ and the arrangement of

‘ You’re Driving Me Crazy’. A romantic at heart, Gheber infuses Ray Noble’s 

‘The Very Thought of You’ with charm and warmth.

If I Knew Then, Naama Gheber's second album was released November 2022. 

The album features Ben Paterson on Piano, Neal Miner on Bass and Evan Sherman

on Drums.

"Gheber sings with light shades of Anita O'Day coupled with Billie Holiday seasoned with a tincture of the corner bar from "Lush Life."
There is a place for this kind of jazz singing. It is like Brahms to Beethoven, a keeper of the flame necessary to inform new generations of how the music sounded at the beginning: simple, inventive, and stunning..." 
-C.Michael Bailey , All About Jazz

"Gheber does not simply rehash timeless classics but she enlivens them, remodels them, and breathes vitality into them.  Her contemporary perspective and spirited delivery of swing era standards charms the listener, inciting a deep appreciation for swing jazz-infused melodies."  Susan Frances , Jazz 2 Love

Among tapering red curtains, maple bar tops, snares and brushes,

the Israeli-born artist nightly explored a range of music from the canon of

American standards with fellow New York artists — music that would

become the centerpiece for Dearly Beloved.

Stephanie  Jones, Features

Writer, Hot House Jazz Guide.

Dearly Beloved, Naama Gheber's debut was released in April 2020 with

Cellar Music. The album features Steve Nelson on vibraphone

Ray Gallon on Piano,  David Wong on Bass and Aaron Kimmel on drums.

"..a promising debut... which augurs well for future releases."- Cree McCree, Downbeat Magazine

"...Gheber's got everything going for her here. Dearly Beloved is simply delightful..." -Dan Bilawsky , All About Jazz

"Gheber displays maturity (particularly on the ballads), youthful enthusiasm, an appealing voice and pure joy. Dearly Beloved is a strong start to a career with plenty of potential..."

Scott Yanow ,The NYC Jazz Record